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Here is what has been said …

Here is what has been said … cycle class 3 2017-2018 More Violence: What do we think? For the School Aime Legall 01/01/18 – 11:03 In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship after three presentations of the Lego building workshop, where we had several presentations warships, fighter bases Desmond asked why there were many violent buildings … Today, we had a debate on violence in school but also in life, the world.

The debate was moderated by Jade. class 3 2017-2018 cycle Learn more Why do we not everyone the same rights? For the School Aime Legall 01/01/18 – 11:05 In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship debate moderated by Marta and Jade, Jade wrote the following: Why? Why can children eat while others are not? Why do children go to school and others not? Why can children learn while others do not?

Why they do not have children the same rights as others? I wonder and asks: Why do not we all the same rights? Jade, the second year of the cycle 3. We had a discussion on the questions it raises in his text. class 3 2017-2018 cycle …

Our Blog For School Aime Legall on 12/04/15 – 6:07 p.m. In Creation, Expressive Arts and Sciences Techno Life of the cooperative class citizenship Clicking the image, the blog of our two classes … the class of the cycle 2. class 3. class cycle cycle 2 cycle 3 class 2014-2015 … by class ICT School Aime Legall 24 / 09/12 – 7:24 p.m. in: civics Life Sciences and Techno cooperative class citizenship September 24 to October 2, 2012, we ICT class. It’s HERE … The cycle of Aime Legall 3 (06).

Beloved Legall classes. 2012-2013 More Plastic Art School class discovery … For the Beloved Legall 01/22/13 – 10:29 p.m. In Creation, Expressive Arts Arts> Visual arts Life of the cooperative class, citizenship classes Aime Legall.

2012-2013 1 comment Our travel book For School of the Guerche 02/03/13 – 10:28 In: Creation, Life term cooperative class citizenship class enrolled in a contest on the book travel with the national library. We must send before March 21. We must act quickly now. a little every day working there.

The 2012-2013 class 6 comments visit to the library by the School of Guerche 01/21/13 – 8:35 p.m. In: Exploration, Life visit the cooperative class citizenship Tuesday, January 15, we went to the municipal library. The librarian, Virginia, showed us how the books were kept. She has given us to replace them.

Then we selected documents for our presentations. the 2012-2013 class This is the week without a screen! For the School Aime Legall 19/05/12 – 12:35 In: Dating, Life exchanges the cooperative class citizenship if we may together accept the challenge: “Can we for a week we go to our screens ? “Classes Aime Legall. 2011-2012 More Advice For School Belmontet on 18/04/11 – 7:26 p.m. In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship Reporting Ninon dictated by Sarah.

Every day we made advice. The first allows us to write the rules of life during our stay, and note any ideas for activities. Other days it was used to decide our schedule of the day.

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By Christian Borgetto on 10/10/11 – 0:06 In: Southwest> GD 31 – Haute-Garonne group presentation GD 31 meets once per school year in the class of a colleague. Meetings are held on Saturdays from 10 am to 18 pm 00 00 (coop with meals). The alternate day practical work based on applications, theoretical, times when we move (plastic art, EPS, music etc …) All cycles from kindergarten to CM2, and the secondary are represented.

GD 31 is a member of ICEM-SO (Icem-southwest). In this context are organized mini-course and regional training courses. Meeting point: the upcoming meetings of the GD31 Contact: gd31icem-freinet.org bulletin_adh_2019_icem31 Attachment Size 204.19 KB 335.38 KB texte_a_lire_avant_gd charte_ecole_moderne_2018 icem_plaquette 46.04 KB 215.71 KB Add new comment
By Catherine Foucher on 16/09/16 – 3:18 p.m.

In: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde presentation gd33icem-freinet.org comment
In: PEMF-BPE For students> Elementary For students> French repertoire College> Teaching Techniques homework help us
Spelling> Text free instructional techniques> individualized work to order January 2009 spelling directories to gain autonomy in writing situation, at all levels . MY WORDS GS / early CP. novelty! OWL, J’ECRIS! Round 2. 3000 WORDS TO WRITE AND WILL CORRECT ITSELF PC, CE and beyond.

5000 WORDS TO WRITE AND TO CORRECT ONLY Round 3 and college. My words is a booklet of words, phrases or even most used phrases, classified by themes identified the top by an illustrated panel. Owl I write includes about 1400 words classified, except in rare individual cases in alphabetical order according to their catches sound. Thematic pages are also available (time words, colors, numbers, frequent words correspondence).

It comprises about 3000 words arranged according to their original sound directly visible on the tabs of the index and the first syllable noted in a colored column. It is designed for PC, CE and all writers beginners of all ages who have not yet mastered completely the grapheme-phonological code or the alphabetical search. It comprises about 5000 words in alphabetical order, indexed according to their start.

It is a step towards the use of the dictionary, its design allows a quick search not parasitized by definitions. Help pages offer thematic vocabulary and grammatical markers most used. According to the invitation of National Education, the revised spelling is applied.

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By Marion Ferchaud on 05/09/16 – 10:26 In: Grand West Region> GD 35 – Ille-et-Vilaine group presentation Who are we? We are a group of teachers of the department of Ille-et-Vilaine. We meet during the school year to work cooperatively in the development of a different pedagogy, building on the principles defined by Freinet, his companions and his successors.

This pedagogy is centered on the life of the child, author of learning. This approach is based on four pillars: the expression and communication, trial and error, the individual work, cooperative life. We meet early in the year for decouvert’ICEM (welcoming newcomers, group presentation …) followed by classroom visits.

Saturdays to work on issues of class with the look of the Natural Method and holidays for internal courses. This group includes teachers and 1 and 2nd degree; Sometimes we gather together, sometimes separately. How to contact us ? gd35icem-freinet.org assclef.rennesgmail.com (for the 2nd degree) Our meetings Our next meetings Our reports Add Comment

By Gaetane Bouchet on 20/04/10 – 4:28 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 38 – Isere group presentation WELCOME TO THE PAGE OF IDEM 38 !!! (Under construction) Internship Molines Who are we? The Dauphine Institute of Modern School has fifty members. They trade practices and good humor through the internal mailing list and get together about once a month in the classes of teachers.

They organize every two years (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018) a three-day course during the autumn holidays. They organized five Knowledge Markets (2014 2018) in the spring. They participated in the preparation of the International Congress Pedagogy Freinet held in Grenoble in August 2017. To contact the departmental group of Isere, one address: gd38icem-freinet.org To join the ICEM38, you will find the newsletter as an attachment.

To find out where to meet them, go here (link available to members only). Our knowledge of market-reviews meetings here Congress Grenoble account reports here More tools Attachment Size 318.72 KB bulletin_adhesion_icem38_2019 GD 38 In minutes of meetings GD CR 38 school year 2016-2017 CR meeting 2016-12 CR -07 of the 2017-01-17 meeting: freedom of CR 2017-02-15 meeting: Freinet Pedagogy for a short time CR of 38 GD CR 2017-06-14 meeting academic year 2017-2018 CR meeting 2017-09-27: the CR invariants of the 2017-10-18 meeting: What’s New in the CR 2017-11-22 meeting: open text (1) of the CR 2017-12-13 meeting: text free (2) of the CR 2018-02-07 meeting: class meetings, clear messages, … (1) of the CR 2018-04-25 meeting: What’s New CR meeting 2018-06-06 : trial and error in GD 38 CR 2018 school science – the 2019 CR 2018-09-26 meeting to change its practice of CR 2018-11-07 meeting: development of the CR class the 2018-11-28 meeting: music Freinet Pedagogy of the CR 2019-01-09 meeting: Cooperation Council meeting CR 2019-03 – 06: Relations with relatives GD 38 In minutes of meetings> Version Print Add comment Bon Appetit By Visitor, 20/04/10 – 18:55.