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ccnaCisco One traning is a 1 to 1 learning opportunity. Now you can have your personal trainer, who will guide you through your Cisco journey.

You can learn and practice Cisco in a unique way!

Cisco CCNA One traning: 40 €/hour

24/7 remote lab access 6€/week.

Pay as much as you learn! If you are familiar with a topic, just skip it! Our service is customized for you.

What we will provide:

  • personal trainer
  • lab access
  • real exam questions and answers
  • availability in the evenings

Topics and estimated time* you need for the topic:

  • basic networking: (2-4hrs)
  • subnetting (2hrs)
  • routing basics (2hrs)
  • RIP (3hrs)
  • EIGRP (3hrs)
  • OSPF (5hrs)
  • VLANs (2hrs)
  • trunking (2hr)
  • inter VLAN routing (1hr)
  • STP, RSTP (3hrs)
  • ACL (2hrs)
  • NAT (2hrs)
  • IPv6 (1hr)
  • Security (2hrs)
  • Etherchannel (1hr)
  • WAN: HDLC, PPP (3hrs)
  • WAN: frame-relay (2hrs)
  • management protocols (2hrs)
  • exam question analysis (10hrs)
  • other (5-10hrs)

* Time for the topics depends on your prior experience and progress. Average 40-60hrs needed for a complete course to finish. Personal proactiveness and prior experience could highly shorten the time.

Location: Brussels, Groot-Bijgaarden, or at your home in Brussels.

We know that you may work during the day, therefore our trainers are available in the afternoons until 9pm!

For more info get in contact with us!

Call Ferenc  at 0478 777 072 or use our contact form: